Transmissions: Inner Earth
                             & Nature Kingdoms

Transmissions: Inner Earth
                             & Nature Kingdoms

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Enhance Your Telepathic Muscles


"Greetings from Telos - that seemingly far away city beneath the Earth that's really very close to you in spirit. Our proximity is just a thought away, for the Earth is such a great conductor that our thoughts connect instantaneously - and we are all 'thought.' That is the nature of our make-up.


We are 'thought' embodying physical form and therefore our thoughts can connect at any time and in any place.  You do not have to be in deep meditation to connect to us. Any time you think of us, here beneath the surface, you will be making a connection to our energy field and we will feel this connection and will respond.  So why don't you practice thinking of us, and then listening for the response - because there will be a response you will feel or sense or intuit.


This practice will help enhance your telepathic muscles and get them working again, so that you can begin making your own telepathic contact to us, and to other members of your Family of Light who long to reach you. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and since you are already perfect, why not practice your perfection of an all seeing, all knowing spark of God?


I am Adama - here on Earth to help you along your path to the Stars."



April 1, 2011

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